Gives you this list of commands
Returns the link to the voting page for orangepeel. Will also show the top voters
Shows the bot's current latency
Returns the statsfornerds of the bot
Returns the uptime of the bot
Gives you orangepeel's invite link

Activity Logging

>activity Shows you your current activity level
>activity @[user] Shows the specified users activity
Shows your voice activity
>activity vc @[user] Shows the specified users voice activity
Shows your activity history
>activity history @[user] Shows the specified users activity history
Lists the most active users
>activity top [x] Shows the top [x] users
>activity top vc Shows the top users sorted by voice channel activity
Shows how many messages you have sent on the server today
Returns an estimate of how many members are inactive
Shows the average activity of the server
Lists the most active servers that have orangepeel
Enables the server-wide activity logger
Resets your or another's activity score
>activity reset [@user] Resets someone else's activity score
Resets activity server-wide
Lists the average activity of every channel.


Sends you to the first message in the channel
>topm #[channel] Will work on a specified channel
>ascii [text] Generates the given text in ascii art form
>nickall [nick] Renames everyone to the specified nick
>nickall [nick] Resets everyone's nickname
>invitelookup [invite] Gives you information about the invite
>font Lists the avaliable fonts
>font [font] [text]Turns the text into the specified font
>font [font] #channel Renames the channel to the font
>font [font] all Renames all channels to the font
Lists all the emojis in the server


Play rock paper scissors with the bot
Gives you a random image of Jackie Chan
Gives you a random gif of Jackie Chan
Gives you a generated image of Jackie Chan but dabbing


>counting start Turns the channel into a counting channel.
>counting stop Turns the channel into a normal channel
>counting options #[channel] Opens up the menu for the counting channel
>vclog #[channel]Will enable voice channel logging in the specified channel
>welcomer #[channel]Will enable image welcoming in the specified channel
Opens the autorole menu to setup autorole
>votechannel setup #[channel]Starts the setup wizard for voting channels
>votechannel remove #[channel]Removes the setup options from a voting channel
Shows a list of custom commands
>cmd [name] [text] Will create a command that will return specific text.
>cmd delete [command name]Deletes the command specified